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watashi no namae
Megumi-chan desu =]
14 sai
I'm a half Japanese half Chinese
birthday: November 30,1994
birthplace: Hamamatsu[Higashi-ku],Shizuoka,Japan
in Japan we have 6 houses there[Tokyo,Hamamatsu,Chiba,Kanagawa,Yokohama & Osaka]...
but we usually stay in Tokyo,Hamamatsu and also to the place where in Japan was called the Tokyo Metropolitan Area(Kanagawa & Chiba) =]

jolly ,simple ,friendly sometimes I'm like a ,b>crazy girl =]
addicted to JKCpop esp. Jpop =]
love to dance
love to sing
love to make fanfictions
love to go anywhere with my friends
love editing pictures =]
love to use all my gadgets

*favorites: foods:
history,PE,foreign language,computer,CLE,math

*hates: foods:
a little bitEnglish&literature,Filipino,science,e-math

i'm addicted to 知念侑李 very addict

=i collect HSJ or JE stuffs like
magazines,HP straps,uchiwa,photobooks,photoset,cds/dvs,clippings,towels,shopping bags,penlight,lunchbox,tumbler,clearfile,... and any concert goods of the JE esp. HSJ...
=i also love ,b>going to JE concert esp. HSJ..
=i'm always going to HSJ concerts...
even their debut concert[that's why i'm allways absent in our school]
=i'm always updating my profiles because of CHiNEN
=I love CHiNEN because his kawaii
=i always buy their concert tickets w/ a backstage pass & a VIP sits =]]
=i love to stay in japan & korea every vacation
=i first know the HSJ because of my nee-chan[itoko] but i already know YURi,YAMADA,YUTO,ARiOKA,YUYA since they're still HS7
=all of my friends are addicted to JE esp. HSJ
=i already want to live in Japan but i still want to continue my studies here =[[[
=YURi CHiNEN inspires me to study very well
=he's my weakness =[


Doki Doki
AZN Ongaku





Chinen Jump paper translation

Chinen’s JUMPaper July 5 2009

Konnichiwa! This is Chinen~

Now, the week test for 6 subject has been finished but my tension was down when my teacher said that I don’t reach 90 points for my test’s score (perhaps it’s just 89 points)

But the important thing, it has been finished!!!

Eh? It is not good (note: about 89 points, he talks to you)!? I understand. I have to keep on!

It’s remind me about Arashi’s concert decision ne, I think I planned to go to National Stadium (Kokuritsu)

Last year, I can’t go, so now I really feel happy~ (I have leisure time at that day so it’s ok to go)

Before Arashi’s concert, there’s our concert, so I have to concentrate for that first!!

Until now, I think this is not just ordinary concert so please looking forward for it

I just can write my test as my recent condition…

Well, I will do my best to reach up my test’s mark

I will reach mark more than 90 points

Well then, I have to concentrate on my study~


(note: I don't put emoji here..sorry)

Chinen’s JUMPaper November 22 2009

Good morning.

Good afternoon.

Good night.

This is Chinen

It passed more than 2 months since last update!

Well, especially there’s nothing change but

Chikutaku (note: Tick Tack..the sound of clock..seems Chinen feel worry about the time..XD)

Recently, I sleep at 8 p.m. ne~

But, at Friday, I staying up late in night

The reason is because I watched Aiba-kun’s drama

Every week, I can’t miss to watch “My Girl” and every time I always being deeply moved emotionally

Aiba-kun seems don’t give up and do his best


I watched Satoshi-kun’s drama [Guest of Room 0]

It’s really interesting

Even though it is just in short time, I can learn much

Someday I want work together with him

Ninomiya-kun did a new game CM [New Super Mario Bros Wii]

Chinen-kun did Lotte CM too [Ghana Milk Chocolate] (note: XDXD..chinen you’re so cute…you want to compete with Nino..XDXD)

Hey!Say!7 did Lotte CM [Ghana Milk Chocolate], please watch all

Chikutaku Chikutaku (kenken: Chinen pursued by time)


It’s 8 p.m. now

If I don’t sleep early, my body won’t be higher yoo (kenken: uwaaa..cute…XD)

It’s time to sleep ne

I will sleep while hear [My Girl] CD

See you again


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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