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watashi no namae
Megumi-chan desu =]
14 sai
I'm a half Japanese half Chinese
birthday: November 30,1994
birthplace: Hamamatsu[Higashi-ku],Shizuoka,Japan
in Japan we have 6 houses there[Tokyo,Hamamatsu,Chiba,Kanagawa,Yokohama & Osaka]...
but we usually stay in Tokyo,Hamamatsu and also to the place where in Japan was called the Tokyo Metropolitan Area(Kanagawa & Chiba) =]

jolly ,simple ,friendly sometimes I'm like a ,b>crazy girl =]
addicted to JKCpop esp. Jpop =]
love to dance
love to sing
love to make fanfictions
love to go anywhere with my friends
love editing pictures =]
love to use all my gadgets

*favorites: foods:
history,PE,foreign language,computer,CLE,math

*hates: foods:
a little bitEnglish&literature,Filipino,science,e-math

i'm addicted to 知念侑李 very addict

=i collect HSJ or JE stuffs like
magazines,HP straps,uchiwa,photobooks,photoset,cds/dvs,clippings,towels,shopping bags,penlight,lunchbox,tumbler,clearfile,... and any concert goods of the JE esp. HSJ...
=i also love ,b>going to JE concert esp. HSJ..
=i'm always going to HSJ concerts...
even their debut concert[that's why i'm allways absent in our school]
=i'm always updating my profiles because of CHiNEN
=I love CHiNEN because his kawaii
=i always buy their concert tickets w/ a backstage pass & a VIP sits =]]
=i love to stay in japan & korea every vacation
=i first know the HSJ because of my nee-chan[itoko] but i already know YURi,YAMADA,YUTO,ARiOKA,YUYA since they're still HS7
=all of my friends are addicted to JE esp. HSJ
=i already want to live in Japan but i still want to continue my studies here =[[[
=YURi CHiNEN inspires me to study very well
=he's my weakness =[


Doki Doki
AZN Ongaku






hi minna!

haha I missed blogspot lol

I always update my ameba blog

yet my blogspot account can't be updated

haha I'm really a freak

how are you by the way?

I hope you're all fine

here are some updates of me :)

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Chinen Fuyuconcert Shop Pictures

as we all know Hey! Say! JUMP
just finished their Winter concert last
January 09,2010
and now I should post those
shopped pictures of my love
Chinen Yuri
and also
I'm selling Hey! Say! Jump's shopped pictures
a group picture and individual pictures
and also NYC Boys shop photos
also in individual and group
just email me if you want to order
it's 573.79 JPY each set
here's my email:
yurichinen_mylove@yahoo.com or
if you want to see the preview of
Chinen's fuyuconcert shop pictures

here is it:

(Chinen's Fuyuconcert shop photo)
(Chinen's NYC Boys[solo] shop photo)

but if you cant
buy but if you want to have
a copy of Chinen's picture especially
to those
Chinen fanatic here's the link
for you to download :)
Kawaii Chinen

that's all I hope you can put some comment if you'll
buy a shop pictures of
Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC Boys

oyasumi minna~ I'll sleep now :)

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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New ME!!

well it's already the NEW ME!!
after almost 3 months staying here in JAPAN
my friends told me I changed a lot even my PHYSICAL APPEARANCE
well I love the new me..
I just felt sad because maybe one day my other friends will not anymore notice who am I

well I'm just posting the new me :]

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey! Say! Jump Winter Concert Tour 2009-2010

yay~! I'm very happy when the HSJWCT started last December 19,2009
It was very fun especially the MC part and when Yama-chan's pants
fell down *peace Yama-chan*
Singing their new song Romeo and Juliet made me also sing when they sung it
their concert is nice they have a big stage they were very tired after the concert
and Ymada,Chinen,Daiki and Yuto were sitting in the couch and look very exhausted *lol-ed*
while the other member are fixing their thing for the next day concert they fell as sleep
as Yuriko-chan told me while we're going home.

here are some pictures from the concert:

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

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HSJ 1001 DUET,POTATO,Wink Up scans

hello minna~

here are the scans of DUET,POTATO and Wink Up 2010/01


DUET scans


POTATO scans

Wink Up

Wink up scans

here's the link:

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

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selling Photobook

hi minna~

I have 6 extra Photobooks
who wants a Photobook? just leave a comment
and fill up this form :]

cellphone no.:
email address:
address w/ zipcode (shipping):
date, time & place (meet ups[those who live in Japan only]):
payment method:
[only Western union or any Universal money transfer]

note: this is not free but I'll give you a discount.. It's just because my friend needs to clean up her things :]]

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

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My Fandubbs :]

konnichiwa minna~ can you check my fandubs if this is just ok :]

this first:My fandubbs

hope it's fine :] leave me a comment :]

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Friday, November 27, 2009

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